Case studies - why clients transferred


Brenda had a pension from her retail days which provided an income of £19,500 pa from the scheme assuming no tax-free cash was taken. She wanted to take benefits as she was retiring, but wasn’t sure if she was getting the best deal from the scheme and so decided to take advice.

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Simon had a pension from a previous employer that had a transfer value of £210,000. The deferred income was £8,400, however as he had accrued significant wealth elsewhere in investments and property, he felt that this income was surplus to his requirements and that the underlying value was more important to his family.

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Alex had a pension from his banking days which, for him, no longer met his requirements. He did not need to rely on this income for his retirement plans and felt that in its current form, he lacked the control and flexibility he wanted.

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Tina had a pension from her ex-employer that has a revalued deferred pension of £28,000pa (assuming no tax free cash was taken). She is 60 and is looking to take benefits now. The transfer value offered was £840,000

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