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Top reasons why our clients transferred their final salary scheme

Your rules

Rewrite your own rules. Defined benefit pensions have fixed terms that have little to do with your circumstance. Your rules mean more flexibility and control over your pension fund based on your needs now and for your future.


Extra tax-free cash

If you find the option to draw a much larger tax-free cash lump sum appealing, then moving from a defined benefit pension may suit you. Extra tax-free cash entitlement from a Final Salary Transfer scheme allows a more generous pay out.


Married or Single?

Defined benefit schemes are based on the assumption that everyone in the scheme is married and takes no account of your child or marital status. Transferring gives you the advantage of passing the full fund value to beneficiaries outside your estate.


Weak employer

If your employer becomes insolvent, the pension is transferred to the Pension Protection Fund that may restrict your pension to a maximum of £33,678 or 90% of the pension if lower.


Who are we?

Final Salary Transferwise is an initiative of Blackstone Moregate, advisers in the city of London. Blackstone Moregate is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and has been providing financial planning advice to its clients since 2001. who_img Pension Transfers is a highly regulated and complex area of work that requires not only the relevant qualifications but also the resources and experience to complete such work in a timely and professional manner. Final Salary Transferwise has the technical expertise and knowledge, with more than 70 years of collective experience in pension advice. READ MORE

How we work?


Understanding you and initial review

We must firstly understand what you are trying to achieve and why and then discuss how we can help. This will involve looking at your current circumstances and objectives. At this stage we will confirm whether we believe we can assist or not and if so agree our fees with you.


Data gathering

Having agreed to proceed we will then need to complete our online questionnaire which will help us to understand your circumstances and ensure that we give you the very best advice. We will also need to obtain your consent to talk to the scheme administrators as soon as possible so that we can properly assess your final salary pension, as this can take a number of weeks to complete.



Once we have all the relevant information from the scheme and having reviewed this along with our discussions with you about your needs and objectives, we will then put together a transfer analysis which will look at all aspects of a potential transfer. This will provide you with the pros and cons which we will then talk through with you so that we can determine the best way forward.



Following our discussions we will then make a formal recommendation in writing confirming the agreed course of action and why. This will either be to transfer to an appropriate pension or not to transfer and remain in the scheme. At this stage we will also set out our investment proposals as most of our clients use our investment management service.



This stage will only apply if a transfer has been recommended and we will assist you in implementing the transfer to the new provider.


Review – Managing your pension and your money

Reviews are an essential part of making sure your investments remains on track whether you , us or a third party are managing your funds. This is a core part of our offering and as such we highly recommend that you discuss your ongoing needs with us. We offer a comprehensive risk managed investment proposition that is actively managed by our investment team.

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